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Volume 55, Number 4, 2003
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347 Professor Marin Ivascu at his 70th anniversary
The editorial board
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349 Thirty years of physics at the Bucharest tandem accelerator
S.Dobrescu, L.Marinescu, G. Dumitru, Gh. Cata-Danil
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353 Experimental study of the 147Eu Nucleus with the (p,n,γ) reaction
M.Ivascu, D.Bucurescu, I.Cata-Danil, Gh.Cata-Danil, N.Marginean, L.Stroe, G. Suliman
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360 Is bimodal fission an indirect experimental evidence for pionic radioactivity?
D.B.Ion, Reveica Ion-Mihai, M.L.Ion, Adriana I.Sandru
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366 Supergiant halos as integral record of natural nuclear pionic radioactivity
D.B.Ion, Reveica Ion-Mihai, M.L.Ion, Adriana I.Sandru
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370 Spontaneous pion emission during fission, a new nuclear radioactivity
D.B.Ion, Reveica Ion-Mihai, M.L.Ion, Adriana I.Sandru
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383 On description of nuclear and atomic extended states
C.Hategan, R.A.Ionescu
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392 The key role of a cold electron supply on the high charge state ion production in ECR ion sources
L.Schächter, S.Dobrescu, K.E.Stiebing
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396 Energy loss and straggling of electrons
M.Mirea, L.Groza, M.Apostol, M.Ganciu
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404 Geophysical equipment meant for complex studies in geodynamic active zones
D.Stanica, M.Ivascu, D.Zugravescu
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411 On the electric properties of rocks under the network of european geomagnetic observatories as derived from series of annual means of geomagnetic elements
C.Demetrescu, V.Dobrica
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420 Method to evidence the contributions of the spectator and participant regions to the particle production in relativistic nuclear collisions
C.Besliu, A.Jipa
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433 Optimization of memory task allocation in stochastic functional self-organized sorting performed by cooperative autonomous mobile agents
S.A.Oprisan, P.T.Frangopol
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444 High order disperssion effects on the modulational instability of NLS type equations
D.Grecu, Anca Visinescu
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452 Low-lying states of 67Ge and 67As nucley in particle quadrupole-phonon model (PTQM)
I.V.Popescu, T.Badica, E.Dragulescu, A.Bancuta
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (310 KB)
460 Natural gold composition by proton activation analysis (PAA)
V.Cojocaru, T.Badica, I.V.Popescu
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464 Magnetic moments and shape coexistence near the N=36 shell gap. Magnetic moment of the 151 keV, Jπ=5/2- level in 73Se
D.Pantelica, F.Negoita, N.Scintee
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (590 KB)
472 Specific excitation of some head bands of N2 and N2+ molecules in a cylindrical hollow cathode electric discharge (HCED)
I.Iova, M.Bazavan, Fl.Iova
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480 K-shell vacancy production and sharing in (0.2-1.75) MeV/u Fe,Co + Cr collisions
C.Ciortea, I.Piticu, D.Fluerasu, D.E.Dumitriu, A. Enulescu, M.M. Gugiu, A.T.Radu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (128 KB)
488 Reliable software in computational physics
Gh.Adam, S.Adam
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512 Double-beta decay, nuclear physics and neutrino mass
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523 Solitons in dissipative media
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (93 KB)
532 K-shell photoionisation in the presence of a laser field
Magda Fifirig, Viorica Florescu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (168 KB)
549 True ternary fission
D.N.Poenaru, Y.Nagame, R.A.Gherghescu, W.Greiner, J.H.Hamilton, A.V.Ramayya
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555 Efficient numerical solution of the time-dependent Schrödinger equation for deep tunneling
N.Carjan, M.Rizea, D.Strottman
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580 Estimates of the emission rates and "fine structure" intensity patterns for deformed nuclei
I.Silisteanu, W.Scheid, M.Rizea, A.O.Silisteanu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (89 KB)
587 Analytical treatment of Schlieren method for precise quantitative characterisation of fluid dynamics
V.-I.Vlad, N.Ionescu-Pallas
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