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Volume 56, Number 1, 2004
Page Title
3 Theoretical and experimental study on determination of the elastic properties of the composite materials
D. Bolcu, G. Stanescu, M.Ursache
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13 Flat-plate solar collector technical constructive parameters determination by numerical calculation, considering the temperature criterion
I. Luminosu
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20 Comparison of principal component analysis and independent component analysis for blind source separation
R. Mutihac, Marc M. Van Hulle
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33 Intermittent and global transitions in plasma turbulence
M. Vlad, F. Spineanu, K. Itoh, S.-I. Itoh
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47 Mössbauer investigation of static-disorder crystalline media
II. Crystal- chemistry aspects of tetragonal and trigonal germanates (gehlenite and gallate structures)

Serban Constantinescu
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56 Mössbauer investigation of static-disorder crystalline media
I. 57Fe NGR spectra on tetragonal and trigonal gallogermanate

Serban Constantinescu
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66 Lyotropic liquid crystals.
I. Specific structures

Gabriela Burducea
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87 Lyotropic liquid crystals.
II. Structural polymorphism

Gabriela Burducea
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101 Analysis of substrates obtained in electro crystallization processes using potentials and germ formation work
Bujor I. Pancan, Mirela F. Nicolov
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107 Exciton-phonon interaction in one-exciton absorption spectra. Auxiliary notes
Tiberius Ovidius Cheche
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124 A procedure for estimating the seismic hazard generated by Vrancea earthquakes and its application.
II. Attenuation curves

D. Enescu, Gh. Marmureanu, B.D. Enescu
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