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Volume 56, Number 3, 2004
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320 Influence of some carbon nanostructures on the mesophase pitch development - a structural study
I.Pasuk, C.Banciu, A.M.Bondar, G.A.Rimbu, I.Ion, I.Stamatin, I.Morjan, I.Voicu, I.Sandu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (1.7 MB)
328 The influence of different working gases on the qualities of SiO2 nanostructure
D.Coada, M.Nagl, Th.Lechleitner, H.Pulker
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (125 KB)
332 Silicon-based nanostructured materials
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (3.5 MB)
340 Fabrication of periodic metallic nanostructures by using nanosphere lithography
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (910 KB)
346 Ordered metallic nanostructures for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
S.Astilean, M.Bolboaca, D.Maniu, T.Iliescu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (315 KB)
352 Microstructure and magnetic properties in percolating [FeNiCoB/(SiO2)] x n thin films
H.Chiriac, M.Urse, M.Lozovan, A.-E.Moga, M.Grigoras
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (293 KB)
359 Preparation and physical properties of [NdFeB/(NbCu)] x n thin films
M.Marinescu, H.Chiriac, M.Urse, A.-E.Moga, M.Grigoras
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (91 KB)
367 Simulation of magnetization curves in magnetic thin films using Stoner-Wolfarth model
M.Volmer, J.Neamtu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (189 KB)
373 Magnetic behaviour of maghemite nanoparticles studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy
D.Predoi, V.Kuncser, G.Filoti
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (198 KB)
379 Magnetic behaviour of U(NixSi1-x)2 system
I.Lupsa, M.Valeanu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (74 KB)
385 Temperature induced crystallization process in Nd2Fe14B/Fe3B magnetic nanocomposites
A.Jianu, M.Valeanu, D.P.Lazar, F.Lifei, M.Tomut, V.Pop, S.Alexandru
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (157 KB)
391 Losses in sintered NdFeB magnets
W.Kappel, Mirela-Maria Codescu, D.Popa
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (75 KB)
399 The influence of the postsintering treatment on the magnetic properties for (Nd,Dy)(Fe,Al)B permanent magnets
W.Kappel, Mirela-Maria Codescu, D.Popa
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (60 KB)
404 Crystal structures of some high-temperature superconductors
Georgeta Alecu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (113 KB)
413 Lithium coordination measurement in the lithium disilicate glasses
D.Radu, C.Mazilu, B.Grigoras
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (88 KB)
419 Raman study of lead vanadates glasses
D.Maniu, T.Iliescu, S.Astilean
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (93 KB)
424 Glass formation and dissolution properties of Na2O-CaO-P2O5 glasses in simulated body fluids
V.Simon, H.Mocuta
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (73 KB)
430 The influence of manganese and iron cations on Bi2O3-GeO2 glass structure
L.Baia, W.Kiefer, S.Simon
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (85 KB)
436 Finite element analysis to predict failure of bioactive glass used in electron beam ablation process
A.Stoian, S.V.N.Jaecques, H.Van Oosterwyck, J.Schrooten, J.Vander Sloten, C.Schultheiss
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (464 KB)
441 Effect of Nb dopping on piezoelectric properties of PZT type ceramics
Jana Pintea, Ana Maria Moisin, Alina Dumitru
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (33 KB)
445 Thermal properties and crystallization behavior of hyperbranched poly(ε-caprolactone) copolyesters
M.Ursu, H.Frey, I.Neuner, R.Thomann, M.Rusu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (365 KB)
453 Kinetic aspects regarding methyl methacrylate polymerization in a high magnetic field
Aurica P.Chiriac
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (82 KB)
460 Biocompatible thin films deposited by cathodic arc method
A.Vladescu, C.Cotrut, V.Braic, M.Balaceanu, M.Braic
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (98 KB)
466 Comparative study of some calix [n] arenes and other phenolic compounds influence on the thermal stability of LDPE
L.M.Gorghiu, C.Dumitrescu, R.L.Olteanu, M.Bumbac, S.Jipa,
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (95 KB)
473 High purity organic functional material for crystal growth
Anca Stanculescu, F.Stanculescu, Marcela Socol
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (147 KB)
481 Synthesis and characterization of hard layers obtained by vacuum arc technology
V.Braic, M.Balaceanu, M.Braic, A.Vladescu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (86 KB)
487 Composite materials from surface insulated iron powders
E.Enescu, P.Lungu, A.Bara, V.Buharu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (81 KB)
494 New sintered electrical contacts on the silver basis for low voltage devices
M.Lungu, S.Gavriliu, E.Enescu, M.Lucaci, P.Lungu, A.Bratulescu, A.Bara
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (??? KB)
501 Electrode materials for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
G.Velciu, L.Cioroianu, G. Cioroianu, Maria Diaconescu
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (45 KB)
505 New research directions in powder metallurgy
Full text:  Acrobat PDF (326 KB)
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